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Bringing pinball machines to Children's Hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses across the United States
Project Pinball Charity is dedicated to providing recreational relief to small patients and their families as well as the physicians and nurses who care for them at children’s hospitals across the nation. A pinball machine is a powerful instrument that offers therapeutic benefits which fits in perfectly with the dynamics of a hospital environment.  It helps keep patients active and mobile while also providing amusement.

We provide all the equipment, parts, supplies and regular maintenance at no cost to the children’s hospital. Project Pinball Charity is currently located in 64 different hospitals across the United States. We are finding out with every visit and every testimony how powerful one pinball machine in the right setting can be!

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All proceeds will directly benefit Project Pinball Charity 501(c)(3) a nonprofit organization. A winner will not be drawn until all entries are sold. The drawing time will be announced after all information has been verified and deemed valid.

Charitable Deduction
The cost of a raffle ticket is not deductible as a charitable contribution, even if a nonprofit organization sells the ticket. The IRS considers a raffle ticket a contribution from which you benefit. If you receive a benefit from donating, you can only deduct the amount of your donation that is greater than the value of the benefit you receive. The IRS explicitly prohibits deducting the cost of raffle tickets as a charitable contribution, presumably because it does not consider the cost of the ticket to be greater than its benefit

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